Internal Examinations Tomorrow
Jun 30First FormAMHISTORY1h 15m
Jun 30First FormPMGEOGRAPHY1h 15m
Jun 30Second FormAMDRAMA Practical (J,A)
Jun 30Second FormAMMUSIC Practical (J,A)
Jun 30Second FormAMPHYSICAL EDUCATION Practical (G,O)
Jun 30Third FormAMBIOLOGY1h 30m
Jun 30Third FormPMWOODWORK1h 30m
Jun 30Third FormPMFOOD AND NUTRITION1h 30m
Jun 30Fourth FormAMPE-CXC Practical
Jun 30Fourth FormAMEDPM2h 30m
Jun 30Fourth FormPMTHEATRE ARTS Practical
Jun 30Fourth FormPMSPANISH Oral (ALL DAY)
Jun 30Fourth FormPMTHEATRE ARTS1h 30m

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