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About System

NameSt Jago High School Student Portal
Short NameSt Jago Student Portal
NameSt Jago High School
Address33 Monk Street Ravensworth Spanish Town St Catherine
License and Registration
SchoolSt Jago High School
License TypeSt Jago Public License
Product License
Program Information
NameElixom Student Portal
Project nameElixom AISU
ProgrammerShane Edwards
Last Release DateTuesday, June 3, 2013
Original Release DateJune 21, 2011
CSS FrameworkBootstrap
CSS ThemeErwin Aligam -
JavaScript FrameworkjQuery
Other FrameworksTinyMce, Modernizr, font-awesome, Snackbar, jEditable
Development Team
CompanyElixom [ ]
ProgrammersShane Edwards
Launch SiteSt Jago High School

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Customer Service and Support
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HTML5/Browser Compatility

This product is based on the HTML5, CSS3, Javascript present standards.It has been tested and is compatible with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Netscape Navigator, Android Browsers, Blackberry SmartPhone Browsers, Maxthon3.This product has also been tested with Internet Explorer version 8 and 9.


  • Google Chrome 19.0 to 59.0
  • Mozilla Firefox 12.0 to 54.1
  • Opera 10 to 19.0; 34 to 40.1
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari on Mac 9.0 to 10.1
  • Android Browser on ICS (4.0) or higher
  • Blackberry SmartPhone Browsers on OS5 or higher
  • Safari on Windows 5.17 (534.51.22) only
  • Internet Explorer 8 to 11